KoonKraft Network

Hey KoonKraft! As some of you know the Prison and Factions server has reset!

» Prison Server
* Added More Ore's to every mine.
* Chat format changed.
* Prestige System (Will be added soon).
* Rebuilt Spawn.
* PlayerVault reset
* Eco Reset

» Factions Server
* Map reset
* Balance reset
* PlayerVault reset
* New Donor items
* Traps / Scamming IRL is now bannable (Perm)

If you have any questions just post below and i will try my best to answer them!

Hey KoonKraft! Murphy here. I'm here to Update you guys, the players about what is going to happen with the server!

» KoonKraft is not going anywhere!

» Huge updates on Prison Server and Factions Server!

» Youtubers! Not those small 2000 Subscribers channels but Millions! (Can't say names)

» Kolten is back! He will be back for a week then gone for a week then he will be here all summer!

» New forums layout!

» New staff (Moderators / Admins / NetworkManager )

» Much more updates to come!

If you have any problems please just comment below and i will be able to help you! Thanks have a great time!
Hello KoonKraft Players!

Yesterday, I created a place for 1v1's & had a few 1v1's hosted there. Everyone seemed to love the concept, so I've decided to do it again, but make it even better this time!

Tonight, at 9:30 p.m. UTC-5 (check your time here: http://www.worldtimezone.com/) I will be hosting a 1v1 Tournament on KoonKraft Factions. I will also be livestreaming during this tournament to keep everyone updated!

You may ask, what is the point to participate in this 1v1 tournament?

1. Each round won grants you $5,000.
2. The crowned 1v1 Champion/King will receive the following:
- A Purple Nametag (Shows you are the PvP Master, and everyone must watch out)
- $100,000
- $25 In Real Life money to spend on our donation website: http://store.koonkraft.net/

To Participate in this tournament, follow these steps!

- Leave a comment below this thread with JUST your In Game...
Hello Guys, Alex here.

I would like to inform you that YouTube applications will now be handled differently. The forum was not being a friendly way to handle applications. Please use the following link to apply. This will help us handle everything better and have better response times. Thank you for your understanding.


As many of you may have known, the Hardcare Factions server was going on and off periodically yesterday, but now is all fixed and I hope you stay is better then before!