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The website has been really quiet lately, and I'm finally back from a long period of examinations!

I will be introducing new sections and also be more opened with suggestions that applies to the website itself! By starting off, a new section will be created soon (further notice will be given) for everyone of you to give me a suggestion on the website.

What's the main aim? - I would like to receive some suggestions that can bond the server players more on both the server and the website itself! Other then that, you might want to have suggestions that may assist your problems. Such as FAQs etc.

For now, this will be all and I'll keep a lookout on everything else. More will be implemented in a week time! Thus, do keep your ideas coming in. If you want to give me a suggestion and can't wait for the section to be open, just send me a private message on the website or comment below. I do look forward to a better website with everyone in this community!...
As you may, or may not know, the Koon Kraft team has been working hard on a lot of servers!

Recently, we have released the following:

1. New Factions Restart/Revamp

2. Hardcore Factions Release

There are many things coming, and are still being worked on. These things would include:

1. Teams Server - All done, but waiting for release. Probably sometime during the weekend of April 12th 2014!

2. Prison Server - Being build as I type, once the builds are done, I will create all regions and get all plugins working correctly. The release of this server will be in 2-3 weeks from now.

3. OP Prison Server - A future server coming after all our Revamps of current servers are done. This may be 1-2 months away.

4. Sky Based Servers- As you know, there are a lot of servers out there with things like skyblock or sky wars. We are hoping to make our own versions of those servers to make them unique...
Hey Everyone!

As you know, Koon Kraft had the default Buy Craft Theme for a while, and I finally got sick of it!

I contacted a few GFX designers and found an amazing one.

He created us amazing Graphics for the Donation website and I hope you guys really enjoy it!

Link: http://store.koonkraft.net/

Hello guys. Support email is back up and now, we are providing phone support too!

Email: [email protected] (Working 24/7)
Phone: +1 (443) 224-4320 Monday to Thursday (4pm to 10pm Eeastern Standard)

Just for today Sunday 9, 2014, We will be providing phone support all day in order to start testing everything.
We will be waiting for your support requests.

KoonKraft Team
Hello KoonKraft players!


Factions has been doing great! With players, excitement, and loads of PvP! As you all know, about a month ago, I took an action towards the server and nerfed a lot of the high donor ranks. The reason for this was to lower the amount of god apples in the economy, as many people had stacks upon stacks of god apples, sometimes ever 2-3 double chests full of them. This gave the new players a huge disadvantage. A lot of you know, including the REALLY rich people, that these god apples are still in the economy, stacks upon stacks, are still there. With this reset, it will give Factions a whole new start! God apples will be more balanced, and new players will still have a chance!

This reset will include EVERYTHING! Please don't ask any staff if ender chests or money or map will reset, because it ALL is being reset. A lot of you may be asking, will our ranks be getting reset, NO, they will be staying, as a lot of you donated, we would NOT...